Olive Tree Growth and Health

BIOLIT has done a number of substantial trials on the use of blue metal crusher dust (=volcanic rock dust = BIOLIT) for olive tree growth and health. All trials have resulted very positively in favour of adding BIOLIT to the orchard site prior to planting.

1. Contains excellent minerals which are not water soluble and therefore are not leached out and wasted, but are naturally available to the tree roots as required.
2. Assists in the opening up and aerating of the soil for increased and easier root growth and therefore increased foliage growth.
3. Increases rate of tree growth leading to heavier crops on the increased foliage.
4. Deep ripping the dust into the ground prior to planting ensures that it is distributed through the areas where the roots will use it in years to come. (Adding BIOLIT to the ground surface of planted orchards may assist tree growth, but is not nearly as effective as deep ripping it in prior to planting).
5. We understand that BIOLIT will also reduce the waterlogging ability of the soil. This is not yet proven but some growers believe this to be so. Extra drainage is important in an olive orchard.
6. The high pH of BIOLIT (app. 8,4) helps to raise the pH of the soil. As olives grow best in soil with a pH of between 7.0 and 8.0.

Method of Use
Prior to deep ripping, spread half to one builder's wheelbarrow full of BIOLIT at each tree site. (One level barrow per tree = 12 trees per cubic metre. One half barrow = 24 trees). Spread this over a 3m X 3m area. This will then be deep ripped into the soil along with the rotted manure and lime if necessary.

If the crusher dust is deep ripped into the soil it helps to aerate the soil, thereby allowing easier root movement and greater foliage growth.

BIO-LIT macht Boden fit.